Easiest way to extend due dates on tax due dates

April 11, 2016
April 15 every year is a huge day for individual tax payers and preparers alike, as 1040 returns are due. So if everything goes to plan and the accountant is able to get all the required documents and extract the vital information required to complete 1040 forms then this coming Friday is not going to be a big deal, however for many extensions need to be filed.

Filing extensions isn’t an arbitrary process and doing things in batches when it comes to this late stage in the tax season is vital. Our CPA workflow software recognizes that batching tasks is a great way to get more done. So we would like to let all our clients know about our really easy way to handle extensions inside of our workflow management tool.

Filtering to make filing tax extensions easy accounting workflow software for CPAs EAs
So using simple filters like project name and whether the project is completed or not you can quite easily get a full list of all the projects needing updates. Also these projects will appear in our warning state since they are coming up soon, and thus are yellow.

Simply hitting the select all button and choosing to change the due date will pop up a window that allows you to choose the new due date and also very important change your client messaging. Changing your client messaging is important because you can choose the new automated messages your client will receive from you, using effective messaging will make the coming months much easier.

Mass editing project due dates and updating communications with just a few clicks accounting workflow software for CPAs EAs

So it is really that easy to change your workflow due dates all at once and still update your communications so that your clients work to help you meet any updated deadlines.Using CPASquirrel can make many other tasks that accounting professionals deal with much easier, try our 14 day free trial and see for yourself.

Friendly Technology for Accountants

February 21, 2016
Regardless of the size of your firm, a new strategy plan for 2016 is critical to consider. With all of the advancements in technology and the changes in accounting it is time to consider more efficient ways to handle the mundane. Do a little exploring and get to know the new tool sets available to improve your life and your clients. For the big boys there have been mergers and new players to provide help. For the smaller players there are some tremendous time saving products available that will stun you with their capabilities.

Consider just two critical areas of an efficient firm, Technology and Processes. Both of these provide you with freedom; freedom to be with your family, freedom to collect more clients, freedom to just do whatever you want, be it work or play. Improving your client management and contact process is an area easily improved and at a price that cannot be ignored. And the nice thing about todays practice management software is that it can actually be friendly and take on your personality. It no longer needs to be that boring reminder software we remember from last year. There is so much technology available in 2016, a focus on efficiencies is both easy and inexpensive. It most likely will be the best investment you ever made. Try it and you’ll love the freedom!

Ways to securely get information from your accounting clients

February 9, 2016
With the 2016 tax season in full swing we have many clients out there who need to get us the supporting documents and other provided by client items in order to prepare their taxes. This seems simple on the surface and it can be.

One of the easiest ways is to drop the documents off securely in person with the good old in person document hand off. If the documents are scanned in or digitized, can be an encrypted USB drive. These two methods are very effective and also extremely secure.

However sometimes we are unable to get these documents in person so other means of transmission are required.

You could consider using email, however please be warned email is not a secure way to transfer files. There are however ways that you can make email secure enough to transfer these sensitive tax related documents which often contain social security numbers, and very personal information about the client’s income. A simple way is to encrypt the documents being sent. This can be done using free and easy to use tools, like 7-zip (7-zip.org). When encrypting the files a good method to use is AES-256 encryption and this is supported by the product mentioned.

Another easy alternative is to use your accounting workflow system to transfer files. This is particularly useful if the files are large as systems like CPASquirrel can accommodate very large files and provide the necessary security to ensure your client files are never compromised. With CPASquirrel the client user can be created by simply inviting them, you will then be able to see what they have uploaded because any items uploaded get tagged for your review. When you are busy it is always best to be able to see what clients have queued up for you so that you are never caught unawares.
Easy access for new users accounting workflow software for CPAs EAs

know what your clients need you to review accounting workflow software for CPAs EAs - 1120s

Serving many clients usually requires using a hybrid approach as one size definitely does not fit all. In order to be effective some flexibility in your accounting practice will be required, but whatever methods you decide to use, please make sure to choose secure options and guide your clients toward those same secure methods.

Custom Recurring Projects to Help your Accounting Practice

January 11, 2016
Recurring projects in your accounting practice can save you plenty of time. Many hours are spent recreating your existing projects, be it weekly or bi-weekly payroll, or other quarterly and yearly tax obligations for your accounting workflow. This can be simplified by using an accounting workflow software tool that gives you a way to automatically create recurring projects and also learn from the nuances of each individual project and how it changes over time.

CPASquirrel provides a way to have recurrences happen in increments of weeks, months and years. So if you have a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly project these can all be very easily setup and used to prevent missed deadlines and speed up all your regular project administrative duties.
Recurring Projects in your Accounting Practice Workflow Software with CPASquirrel

Using recurrence is really easy – you do is set it up ONCE for each project type, then when you complete a project you are prompted to repeat the project, with the system automatically adjusting all relevant dates as well as the project name where possible. If you are using the current year 2016 and the project recurs in 2017, the project name will adjust accordingly eg. “2016 – 1040 Smith” would adjust to “2017 - 1040 Smith”.

Using CPASquirrel and our automation features you can easily save your practice many headaches and hours of administration each year. Sign up for a 14 day free trial and you can start using CPASquirrel for free at no risk.

Start your 2016 Accounting Practice Workflow the right way

December 29, 2015
The beginning of any tax season for an accounting practice involves taking the first step for many in their workflow. That is sending out engagement letters for the coming year’s 1040, 1120 and other tax projects.

CPASquirrel sends out your customized engagement letters automatically and provides a means for getting the letters back in a timely manner. This allows the accounting practice to plan their upcoming tax season more effectively.

Planning can help predict workload for the coming year and also remind the client that you are preparing their tax forms for them. Engaging correctly with your client is critical as a well executed engagement letter provides protection against malpractice while also setting expectations as to which provided by client (PBC) items are required in order to complete their tax project.

Our clients use CPASquirrel’s workflow solution to help send your engagement letters to kick start the upcoming year’s tax season helping you and your clients be prepared and have a successful tax season.

Workflow and project management for smaller accounting firms

September 20, 2015
Smaller accounting firms use many different tools for managing their accounting practice and keeping everything inline and on time for maximal client service. Making tools that are easy to setup and understand is a challenge that we take on at CPASquirrel.

Training of new staff on how things are done at a small firm often takes a lesser priority to some more important tasks, like getting client work completed accurately and on time. This results in many staff all doing some version of your way and their way, leading to frustration form both side. We’ve attempted to address this by letting small accounting firms do a quick setup process and be up and running in as short a time as possible. One of the ways we do this is by preloading all tax deadlines and providing effective follow up templates with proven schedules for effective communication with clients.

With this and many more features including full document storage of all your client documents allowing secure and easy large document delivery to your clients. Try us for your accounting workflow and project management needs.

Hurricane Erika - Preparedness for you accounting practice

August 27, 2015
Hurricane season runs from June 1 each year, and it’s a busy time for all. At CPASquirrel we are always keeping up with the latest natural disasters. Our clients rely on us to keep their data and their clients’ data safe. With this in mind our disaster recovery plan is quite simple – backups, location, power and internet service providers.

Accounting practice hurricane preparedness with CPASquirrel

Backups sound simple, but the reality is that if you don’t keep you backups offsite and test your backup media regularly you are looking at a disaster I your future. We take care of this by daily offsite backups and regularly scheduled recoveries.

Location is a huge item for areas that are prone to natural disasters, and being in the Tampa Bay area we tend to know that there is a 6 month gap where anything could happen. To mitigate this problem we keep our data in out of state data centers, currently in Lansing, Michigan. Nice and far from disaster and also located far away from our offsite backups. This data redundancy helps us enjoy peach of mind.

Power seems like such an arbitrary thing when it comes to staying online and servicing you clients. Most people don’t think about it until it is gone… and we support a lot of clients, so we cannot afford to experience a blip in the power supply. To avoid the blips we use battery powered uninterrupted power supply units to handle the immediate drop and diesel generators for the extended periods of helping us stay online.

Internet service provider (ISP) access is another item seldom thought about when thinking of backups. We have multiple redundant providers running into the data centers with further redundancy provided by connecting to two other local data centers, each with their own redundant ISP’s that we are able to tap into. Without this redundant ISP access, we would not be able to service client effectively or copy our client backup data offsite in a timely manner.

These pillars are at the core of preventing data loss for our clients and enabling maximum uptime. If you are a small accounting firm, there is no need to hire a consultant to sometimes keep your data safe, make CPASquirrel part of your data recovery and business continuity plan.

Recurring Tax Projects for Client Work in your Practice Management Software

August 7, 2015
Sometimes it feels like your tax projects never stop. As you finish one, you are literally just prepping to get started on the next. Accounting Practice Management can get tricky as all these projects keep coming up. Having staff know what to do and when is critical for your success in the eyes of you client.

Repeat Client Work - Stage Open Workflow - CPASquirrel

This is best achieved with a process that makes it obvious what happens next. When tracking tasks, CPASquirrel will keeps track of the overall status of the tax project moving it from being open all the way to completion. Once the project is completed the options for recurrence show within the accounting practice management software.

Repeat Client Work - Stage Completed Workflow- CPASquirrel

Given the ease of the repeat project button, the system has now learnt the requirements for this client and so the new project can be created quite easily and begin the data collection process once again, making provided by client items easily and automatically collected once again. Leaving the accounting practice able to focus on billable work.

Repeat Client Work - Animation Workflow - CPASquirrel

In making it easier, navigation is provided allowing the accounting practice to move from one tax project to the next with ease, saving more time than having to look up the project again or have any kind of difficulty getting around.

Repeat Client Work - Completed - CPASquirrel

Be productive, save time and run your accounting practice with ease. Partner with us to by signing up for a free trial of CPASquirrel and we will help you complete your tax projects more easily, efficiently and with more control.

Minimizing miscommunication critical for efficient workflow

July 27, 2015
Workflow of client project work in an accounting practice can easily be disrupted and become painful. Simple things like communicating on the agreed upon schedule, taking efficient notes and using reminders that follow their client work around can make all the difference.

The simple communication skill of follow up is critical in maintaining a great workflow. So when you tell your client you will call them on a given day, call them. If the day got beyond you, call them or if it is inappropriately late, email them and let them know you have not forgotten and have them on your list to follow up with the next morning or whatever fits your schedule. Just remember to follow up, this one step goes a long way.

When you talk to your client, you should be taking notes. So when that phone rings or you call them, take notes and keep them in a place that is easy to get to on each contact. Most workflow and practice management tools provide space for you to do this easily and really the added step either during the call or immediately after will save much more time in the future.

Workflow software notes - Zoomed

Reminders and notes are often confused. In this context reminders are important pieces of information the accounting professional dealing with their client work must remember prior to doing any project work. So if your client requires any special handling instructions, keep a reminder so that nobody will make a mistake on some significant tiny detail.

Accounting Workflow software reminders dialog

You are busy and you are working with many different clients or varying complexity and importance to your accounting firm. Leverage the tools available to keep track of your clients as best you can so that each client feels extremely important to you. Building a referral base will depend on your accounting firm’s application of consistency, effective communication skills and follow through on promises made in order to earn future word of mouth endorsements.

Software for Accountants can be intuitive

July 16, 2015
We put great emphasis on user interviews and focus heavily on conversations with existing and prospective clients of ours. We are grateful to our clients for opening up time in their schedule to chat to us and discuss their current usage and their future needs. I promise we won’t expect it in the busy season and appreciate the feedback we receive at all times.

I particularly enjoy the long debates about how workflow should be configured within the system. Does the project get a completed date if it isn’t complete? How is the project stage affected by changes of the milestones? Would it be logical to send out communication messages in this situation? These little details are important and we obsess over each one to make the system great out the box and require as little setup time as possible.

Everybody is under the impression that adopting a new software system is painful and takes a whole lot of time. We don’t think that this needs to be the case. Why should this be the case? Traditionally adopting software has taken:

  • Either downloading / installing software from CD/DVD or heaven forbid floppy disks
  • Having to install it on a server – wait better call IT
  • Training Time
  • That awkward 2 month period where your boss thinks you are using the software but really you aren’t because dealing with the old system is easier than learning the new one
  • Forced user adoption

Where our software has moved to is a different place. There is no IT, no download, no necessary training time, adoption is easy because the system looks so different to the software that has traditionally been used and no floppy disks! Our software is delivered online in the web browser within seconds of you signing up has an extremely intuitive interface and requires mostly none but sometimes a little training.

So if you want to try our our software and see if it is a good fit for you, simple signup for a free trial and please remember to leave us some feedback, we are always here to chat.

Easy Integrations with your other Accounting Practice Software

July 10, 2015
Printing is a critical part of any accounting practice. We all print a diverse number and variety of documents. In many cases accounting documents are printed to an office printer to be filed or distributed. This workflow can be duplicated with a minor difference and that is printing directly into your accounting practice software. This is what the CPASquirrel print driver does.

When printing a document the following screen will be shown, allowing you to connect the document to the correct client and project.

Accounting Practice Software Print Dialog

Once the document is inserted into CPASquirrel you will see the completed window, letting you know that your document is safely stored in CPASquirrel.

Accounting Practice Software Successful document print

It is that simple and easy to keep your client documents safe and distributable to your clients.

The easiest accounting workflow and communications tool for small teams

July 8, 2015
Taking a tax project from start to completion using workflow is a relatively easy task if everyone knows what is expected of them. This is often complicated because people both within and outside of the accounting practice need come together to complete a given project. This is further complicated because everyone needs to have permission to do a given task or provide a document or perform some other action.

With many systems there is a complicated method in place to get users into the system. This is especially complicated if the user is a client user and thus not from inside the organization. Making this process of onboarding simple and then providing just enough control to help the internal users achieve their goals is critical for the success of any workflow solution.

Getting users involved is as simple as knowing their email address. As you can see from the screenshot below, you simply add their email address and the onboarding workflow starts out and gets the user engaged with the system.

Inviting users to use your accounting practice portal

Internal users as just as easy, and requires very little effort on the part of the accounting firm.

Internal Company users in CPA Accounting Practice Management Tool

Once users are all connected, the assigned projects and flows are available to them. Enabling communication, document collection, prepared form dissemination and a host of other features. Basically, if makes your firm look good as you are able to complete your work faster with the help of your clients and give them an unrivalled experience getting their requested and completed work back from your firm.

We pride ourselves in making accountants look good while completing client work and are always available to help. Give us a ring or drop us an email we are here to help accounting firms be successful.

Document Management for Accounting Practices Simplified

July 3, 2015
Document Management is critical to any Accounting Practice and has no borders as to which accounting services use it. CPASquirrel Document Management in included in each CPASquirrel account and we continue our 80/20 rule of creating software solutions that are simple enough that anyone can use them. Our document management keeps things simple, while providing the business value needed by accountants.

When choosing a document management system for your practice, it is critical that your documents are secure, your clients need this as they trust you with their socials, incomes, business dealings etc. Make sure your provider is using data encryption BOTH in transit and at rest. If they are not, you are doing them a huge disservice and setting yourself up for many future problems.

Furthermore the ability to find documents is critical. We have used a simple to understand metaphor that everyone can understand almost instantly. Each accountant has clients, each client has projects and each project has documents. So in essence this one sentence sums up how our documents are both retrieved and uploaded. At this point we start applying further searches and indexing. So documents can be brought back by the matching milestone, upload date, filename, etc. This gives us a simple way to allow everyone to use a single search box to bring back their desired file.

Access is also important and each file needs to be uploaded or downloaded by and authenticated user in the system. We currently accept all documents by email, file upload and via our installable CPASquirrel printer. With each file getting an owner, by doing this, we restrict actions that can be performed.

Try our system on us for 14 days, just signup for a trial it will take under 2 minutes and you can see for yourself.

Feature Preview- Print Directly To CPASquirrel Accounting Practice Management Software

June 29, 2015
CPASquirrel is bringing a new level of convenience to its users. Soon we will be releasing our first installable software for our accounting practice management system. Already considered leaders in usability for accounting software, we are making it even easier to upload your documents directly from any system that prints. That’s right literally any system that you can hit the print button from can soon interface directly with CPASquirrel.

So amongst others you can push documents directly from:

  • UltraTax
  • Lucerte
  • Quickbooks
  • MS Office - Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Etc

This upcoming feature is currently in beta and is expected to be released on June the fifteenth. We look forward to upgrading our user experience even more with the printer addition to our product line. Oh yes and as always our transparent pricing continues… this is included in your current CPASquirrel subscription. Look out for our announcement email.

Engagement Letters in your CPA Practice

June 22, 2015
Engagement letters are important as they set the tone for a working relationship between the accountant and their client. Your practice should have their engagement letter reviewed by an attorney to make sure you have the protections necessary and that the time period for which your services are provided.

You should always use an engagement letter, it is there for your protection. This document serves to minimize the professional liability risk you are exposed to and in many cases are required by malpractice insurance carriers.

These letters aren’t just there for protection, but can be used to introduce existing clients to other new services offered by your accounting firm that may be of interest to the client. Mentioning other services within the correct context also serves to prevent confusion as to the scope of work being performed.

Make sure to also include your expectations in terms of provided by client items that are required in order to complete the scope of work. Having all this in place is useful when the scope of work may change and thus may in turn require an amendment to the engagement letter.

In short send out your engagement letters prior to the engagement starting and get the signed engagement letters back. Some accounting practice management tools such as CPASquirrel allow you to both send and receive the necessary engagement letter to and from the client. Best practices include always using engagement letters so don’t forget to include them in your processes.

Getting started with CPASquirrel

June 15, 2015
Many of our users have anxiety about getting started on the CPASquirrel practice management system, especially if they have previously been using some other solution. I completely understand this anxiety as we experience the same when reevaluating the services we subscribe to, so I assure you we make it extremely easy for our users to make the switch.

In order to switch to us, all we need is your client list. We do an import of your client list, usually from MS Excel or CSV format. This is done by us for you and is included in your subscription. We use this client information as a base, so that you can go through and assign projects to your clients, for this purpose we encourage you to use tags for grouping on each client so it makes it easy to look them up later on and use our mass assignment tools to get the job done even faster.

The CPASquirrel practice management system that is preloaded with many preloaded templates, both for follow up and for the actual tax projects themselves. Some CPAs and EAs use this out the box and others go through and customize these to their needs. One of the nice things about our template system is that you can easily customize them as you are doing the project assignment, which helps remove this extra step. Besides it really is better to use what we have preloaded for a short while so you get the feel for how things work and can then be more effective in setting up your own templates.

So in summary, send us your client list (with tags for grouping), we will import it. Now go out there and start assigning projects and doing the work that makes you more productive and valuable to your firm. If you run into any issues, give us a ring and we’ll gladly help you out.

Upcoming this week - CPASquirrel at the 2015 Mega CPE Conference

June 7, 2015
This coming week we are off to the MEGA CPE conference hosted by the Florida Institute of CPAs in Orlando, Florida. CPASquirrel will be exhibiting from booth 24 and we hope to be able to chat to you if you are attending. We’ll be showing off our accounting practice management software that focusses on increasing CPA efficiency. We offer the all three product features required by accounting firms:
  1. Practice Management
  2. Projects
  3. Portal

If are able to come by our booth, you will be able to get a quick live demo and meet some of the team members over at CPASquirrel.

Come see us.

Creating a Project - Accounting Practice Management

June 1, 2015
Accounting Practice Management is integral in managing deadlines. In the video included I’m going to show you how in under 2 minutes you can assign a project to a client. In the below example we have used an 1120s filing, that is prepopulated from the templates within a demo CPASquirrel account.

All project templates are fully customizable. So you can input whatever provided by client items are needed from the client as well as some housekeeping items that you need to get to the client. As an aside, if you require some sort of engagement letter to be signed and returned to you, you can setup the templates to send out an engagement letter and notify you when it is returned.

Using projects within your CPASquirrel Accounting Practice management system can save your firm heaps of time. The uncertainty of whether an engagement from last year will be fulfilled by you are over. Interruptions are also greatly reduced with our automated follow up sequences and extremely user friendly customer service portal.

Start experiencing the benefits of CPASquirrel within 5 minutes by signing up here.

CPA Tracking Software for the small CPA

May 19, 2015
Tracking everything in your CPA firm can be tricky. We have our own responsibilities and then we also care for each of our clients. Expected to never let anything slip we have to follow a strict workflow or deal with penalties, upset clients and staff turnover.

CPA Tracking Software can be either passive or active. An active tracking system such as the one we have designed will actively let you know about deadlines that are coming up, notify clients of what is expected and collect everything needed for you the CPA to do their work efficiently. In small firms having multiple staff is a luxury that isn’t available, and thus using software that maximizes your staff and gets the job done is extremely important.

If you are choosing your next practice management software of simply tracking software, make sure you don’t end up paying more for it with your time and frustration. It is important to choose wisely and make sure you run and active tracking system, as it really maximizes your potential for growth and prosperity.

5 fun things to do now that tax season is over

May 6, 2015
April 16th is a date that all accountants look forward to. Its not as great as May 1, but it sure is a great day for many an accountant.

To make matters worse, this last season was especially taxing for the accountants. Apart from the pressure of accurately filing a client’s taxes, constant budget cuts had to be factored in to calculate refunds and audits.

So now that the tormenting tax season is over, it is high time that, you as an accountant, kick off those boots and get involved in some outdoor activities. This will help in getting all those darn numbers out of your head.

Fishing is one the best ways to relax. You go grab a fishing hook, sling the line into a lake, place your feet in the soothing water and wait for that tug. While you wait for that slight vibration, you can reflect on your life and think about all those things that you didn’t have the time to think about. If you are lucky, you might even catch a fish during all this!

One of the most demanding of mainstream sports, a game of tennis can be a lifesaver for atrophied muscles. And after all those tax returns, it seems only fair that you get some returns of your own. While playing tennis, you can Smash those teasing green balls into the net, into the face of your opponent or just blast them into the blue. You will feel that each smash, each return or each point will help you in releasing all the built up frustration.

Bungee Jumping
If you are especially determined to break the monotony that has crept into your life this past tax season and are not the faint of heart then bungee jumping is quite appropriate for you. Nothing feels liberating like approaching the ground/water at breakneck speed. It seems like the end until you feel that tug of elastic rope around your ankles. Then you yo-yo for a few times before getting pulled up again. One thing is guaranteed, you will never look at life the same way after a session of death-defying bungee jumping.

While most people sacrifice the tranquility of canoeing for the thrill of a motor boat pumping down the stream, the fact is that canoeing is way better. You get a mild workout, have fun and enjoy the sun, all at the same time. Additionally, you are in control of where you go. Nothing is better than a bit of control in your life after all those countless tax filing sessions forced upon you.

Leave that concrete jungle behind and go to someplace far off and make camp there. Isolation will help you calm down and get back into the normal groove of life after those torturous hours inside your office surrounded by hundreds of other agonized accountants. Such an activity will also help you release any negative energy you have built up over the past few months. After all, no one accumulates negative energy faster than a group of accountants working together during tax season!

Conclusively, you have worked as hard as you can during the past few months and you deserve every bit of joy that can come your way. Relaxation is what you should go after and the activities listed above, along with many others, will help you get just that.

Provided By Client… CPASquirrel makes that promise real

April 12, 2015
Provided by Client (PBC), is one of the hardest things the CPA has to deal with. It has been said before that the job is the easy part and the people are the hard part. This rule applies to much of accounting profession.

Much like we need to work alongside people who are pleasant and efficient to work with, we also need to deal with clients who are great to work with. There is a rule that all accountants should use when choosing clients and co-workers, it is the no nasties rule. It has been mentioned many times before and will continue to be brought up until we actually do something about it.

PBCs can cause us to have the impression that some of our clients fall into this category. Well this isn’t necessarily so, people are busy and stress runs high for many of us during this testing collection of PBCs period.

Coworkers and PBCs don’t always mix well either. The staff person responsible for collecting the PBCs from the client can feel much stress from both the client and their manager as they do the PBC collection dance. Their manager getting more and more annoyed as the items aren’t collected and the client not understanding the importance and timeliness of the information being collected. This really is a hard dance to do well. Having a system to get PBCs under control is essential in avoiding getting the feeling of wanting to fire your clients.

CPASquirrel is a system that exists to collect PBCs from clients. We assume the role of collector and are focused on making staff turnover lower and maintaining friendly relations with clients.

Controlled communication keeps you billing and the data flowing

April 7, 2015
By this time, I’m sure most accountants are getting tired. It has been months of hard work consisting mainly of coordinating client needs, collecting data and filing returns. Some accountants have a more polished approach to meeting all these demands placed upon them and others do not, it is all just one big mad rush to the finish for many.

Others still employ the automation provided by software to file returns, and store documents. Some have begun to use CPASquirrel under our limited beta program to provide controlled communication between them and their clients in order to collect important documents and organize them for easy data extraction.

Controlled communication works by sending out gentle and sometimes more harsh reminders to clients, letting them know what is expected of them and what you the accountant are doing for them. This all starts with an engagement letter and finishes in most cases with their filed documents prior to April 15. Some cases do require extensions, but for the most part the numbers are showing us more returns filed and accountants getting paid much sooner by their clients.

Controlled communication also helps our clients collect quarterly tax information, 1120s and many more tax filing deadline requirements, helping the data flow to the accountant so they can do the real work that their clients expect.

Take the CPA out of Data Gathering

March 24, 2015
CPAs have an important role to play in their business and this week at the end of March is filled with accountants circling back and spending much of their time chasing after clients.

1040 Filing: April 15 2015 is yet another day in amongst over 43 yearly deadlines that require accountants to stop doing productive work and valuable consultative work with the express reason to make sure their clients are fully prepared for their 1040 filing.

Client Information: Much client information needs to be gathered by the accountant in order to file basic tax forms. Collecting W2s, 1099s, gains and loss reports, K1s and charitable contributions are all tedious tasks that you need to do as an accountant. This is a delicate balancing act that requires you to not become a nag, but still get all of these required pieces of client information. Sometimes collecting this information is not a great fit with the skillset of certain professionals. This can lead to upset clients or even client loss.

Automated followup: CPASquirrel has an automated followup engine that knows what the accountant needs and when they need it. Using this automated followup, allows your CPA firm to take th CPA out of data gathering, protecting client satisfaction by reaching out to the client in a way that they need to be reached and collecting the information necessary for tax filing, without nagging and becoming a source of frustration for the client.

CPASquirrel is a business tool that helps take CPAs out of painful and low value tasks like data gathering and rather lets them be productive and increase their billable percentages by removing tasks and interruptions from their day.

Accounting Portals don't get used

March 20, 2015
Listening to accountants is what we do, and they are telling us that their existing accounting portals are not being used. We have been talking to our accountant friends and trying to figure out why that is. It turns out the problems are all the similar. It is as if the software being used is built by software developers for software developers, each portal seems to have the same problems.

Accountants will use it: Getting the accountant to use the software is easy because they have a vested interest in using software to be more efficient. However it’s a two sided system and if the client doesn’t use it then much of the efficiency being sought is lost.

Need and account: For a client to use it they don’t want to remember one more username and password, they don’t want to have to deal with anything that adds to their workload. We made it easy for clients by allowing many different ways to input their data to the system with clear directions on how to get it in there.

Easy to use: Client portals once you have access are tricky to use, we have fixed that. Our portal can be accessed with minimal information from the client. Once inside the system the client is very restricted in what they can do. The benefits of this are a clear path of what they need to do and only one way to accomplish this task. Gone are the tech support phone calls that you may need to take, instead clients just get it.

Actually gets used: There are various ways to keep clients engaged with your portal. One that we use very effectively is notifications. Notifications keep clients coming back and doing your data collection work for you. Keeping clients in the system also prevents them from forgetting how to get into the system or where it is.

We are software developers who make software for accountants and their clients to use with an emphasis on making software that is both beautiful and easy to use. Talk to us, give it a try we strive to be the best at listening to our clients and giving them what they need to make them more effective.

Software that listens to CPAs

March 2, 2015
CPASquirrel is here because we have listened to accountants. Accountants need to be heard, what do you as an accountant really need? There are multiple options for any accounting firm to become more effective and efficient. The reality is that accountants need help with one of the most core functions in their business, something that could easily have been discovered by the old existing software firms, had they simply listened to their clients. This problem has been in around for so long and nobody is addressing it correctly.

Data gathering the process of getting client data so you can simply file taxes is ignored by so many and yet performed by most accountants. Accountants need to be freed from the time and pain of breaking up their productivity to make calls and write emails. So much billable time is lost with no real reprieve.

Automated data gathering is the answer. CPASquirrel specializes in automated data gathering performing all the followup tasks allowing you to be productive without needing STOP what you are doing DROP everything and deal with your clients data gathering.

We listen to accountants and serve them and them alone. If you want to talk to us and give us feedback, please email support@@cpasquirrel.com. We would love to hear from you.