5 fun things to do now that tax season is over

May 6, 2015
April 16th is a date that all accountants look forward to. Its not as great as May 1, but it sure is a great day for many an accountant.

To make matters worse, this last season was especially taxing for the accountants. Apart from the pressure of accurately filing a client’s taxes, constant budget cuts had to be factored in to calculate refunds and audits.

So now that the tormenting tax season is over, it is high time that, you as an accountant, kick off those boots and get involved in some outdoor activities. This will help in getting all those darn numbers out of your head.

Fishing is one the best ways to relax. You go grab a fishing hook, sling the line into a lake, place your feet in the soothing water and wait for that tug. While you wait for that slight vibration, you can reflect on your life and think about all those things that you didn’t have the time to think about. If you are lucky, you might even catch a fish during all this!

One of the most demanding of mainstream sports, a game of tennis can be a lifesaver for atrophied muscles. And after all those tax returns, it seems only fair that you get some returns of your own. While playing tennis, you can Smash those teasing green balls into the net, into the face of your opponent or just blast them into the blue. You will feel that each smash, each return or each point will help you in releasing all the built up frustration.

Bungee Jumping
If you are especially determined to break the monotony that has crept into your life this past tax season and are not the faint of heart then bungee jumping is quite appropriate for you. Nothing feels liberating like approaching the ground/water at breakneck speed. It seems like the end until you feel that tug of elastic rope around your ankles. Then you yo-yo for a few times before getting pulled up again. One thing is guaranteed, you will never look at life the same way after a session of death-defying bungee jumping.

While most people sacrifice the tranquility of canoeing for the thrill of a motor boat pumping down the stream, the fact is that canoeing is way better. You get a mild workout, have fun and enjoy the sun, all at the same time. Additionally, you are in control of where you go. Nothing is better than a bit of control in your life after all those countless tax filing sessions forced upon you.

Leave that concrete jungle behind and go to someplace far off and make camp there. Isolation will help you calm down and get back into the normal groove of life after those torturous hours inside your office surrounded by hundreds of other agonized accountants. Such an activity will also help you release any negative energy you have built up over the past few months. After all, no one accumulates negative energy faster than a group of accountants working together during tax season!

Conclusively, you have worked as hard as you can during the past few months and you deserve every bit of joy that can come your way. Relaxation is what you should go after and the activities listed above, along with many others, will help you get just that.

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