Accounting Portals don't get used

March 20, 2015
Listening to accountants is what we do, and they are telling us that their existing accounting portals are not being used. We have been talking to our accountant friends and trying to figure out why that is. It turns out the problems are all the similar. It is as if the software being used is built by software developers for software developers, each portal seems to have the same problems.

Accountants will use it: Getting the accountant to use the software is easy because they have a vested interest in using software to be more efficient. However it’s a two sided system and if the client doesn’t use it then much of the efficiency being sought is lost.

Need and account: For a client to use it they don’t want to remember one more username and password, they don’t want to have to deal with anything that adds to their workload. We made it easy for clients by allowing many different ways to input their data to the system with clear directions on how to get it in there.

Easy to use: Client portals once you have access are tricky to use, we have fixed that. Our portal can be accessed with minimal information from the client. Once inside the system the client is very restricted in what they can do. The benefits of this are a clear path of what they need to do and only one way to accomplish this task. Gone are the tech support phone calls that you may need to take, instead clients just get it.

Actually gets used: There are various ways to keep clients engaged with your portal. One that we use very effectively is notifications. Notifications keep clients coming back and doing your data collection work for you. Keeping clients in the system also prevents them from forgetting how to get into the system or where it is.

We are software developers who make software for accountants and their clients to use with an emphasis on making software that is both beautiful and easy to use. Talk to us, give it a try we strive to be the best at listening to our clients and giving them what they need to make them more effective.

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