Controlled communication keeps you billing and the data flowing

April 7, 2015
By this time, I’m sure most accountants are getting tired. It has been months of hard work consisting mainly of coordinating client needs, collecting data and filing returns. Some accountants have a more polished approach to meeting all these demands placed upon them and others do not, it is all just one big mad rush to the finish for many.

Others still employ the automation provided by software to file returns, and store documents. Some have begun to use CPASquirrel under our limited beta program to provide controlled communication between them and their clients in order to collect important documents and organize them for easy data extraction.

Controlled communication works by sending out gentle and sometimes more harsh reminders to clients, letting them know what is expected of them and what you the accountant are doing for them. This all starts with an engagement letter and finishes in most cases with their filed documents prior to April 15. Some cases do require extensions, but for the most part the numbers are showing us more returns filed and accountants getting paid much sooner by their clients.

Controlled communication also helps our clients collect quarterly tax information, 1120s and many more tax filing deadline requirements, helping the data flow to the accountant so they can do the real work that their clients expect.

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