Creating a Project - Accounting Practice Management

June 1, 2015
Accounting Practice Management is integral in managing deadlines. In the video included I’m going to show you how in under 2 minutes you can assign a project to a client. In the below example we have used an 1120s filing, that is prepopulated from the templates within a demo CPASquirrel account.

All project templates are fully customizable. So you can input whatever provided by client items are needed from the client as well as some housekeeping items that you need to get to the client. As an aside, if you require some sort of engagement letter to be signed and returned to you, you can setup the templates to send out an engagement letter and notify you when it is returned.

Using projects within your CPASquirrel Accounting Practice management system can save your firm heaps of time. The uncertainty of whether an engagement from last year will be fulfilled by you are over. Interruptions are also greatly reduced with our automated follow up sequences and extremely user friendly customer service portal.

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