Document Management for Accounting Practices Simplified

July 3, 2015
Document Management is critical to any Accounting Practice and has no borders as to which accounting services use it. CPASquirrel Document Management in included in each CPASquirrel account and we continue our 80/20 rule of creating software solutions that are simple enough that anyone can use them. Our document management keeps things simple, while providing the business value needed by accountants.

When choosing a document management system for your practice, it is critical that your documents are secure, your clients need this as they trust you with their socials, incomes, business dealings etc. Make sure your provider is using data encryption BOTH in transit and at rest. If they are not, you are doing them a huge disservice and setting yourself up for many future problems.

Furthermore the ability to find documents is critical. We have used a simple to understand metaphor that everyone can understand almost instantly. Each accountant has clients, each client has projects and each project has documents. So in essence this one sentence sums up how our documents are both retrieved and uploaded. At this point we start applying further searches and indexing. So documents can be brought back by the matching milestone, upload date, filename, etc. This gives us a simple way to allow everyone to use a single search box to bring back their desired file.

Access is also important and each file needs to be uploaded or downloaded by and authenticated user in the system. We currently accept all documents by email, file upload and via our installable CPASquirrel printer. With each file getting an owner, by doing this, we restrict actions that can be performed.

Try our system on us for 14 days, just signup for a trial it will take under 2 minutes and you can see for yourself.

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