Easiest way to extend due dates on tax due dates

April 11, 2016
April 15 every year is a huge day for individual tax payers and preparers alike, as 1040 returns are due. So if everything goes to plan and the accountant is able to get all the required documents and extract the vital information required to complete 1040 forms then this coming Friday is not going to be a big deal, however for many extensions need to be filed.

Filing extensions isn’t an arbitrary process and doing things in batches when it comes to this late stage in the tax season is vital. Our CPA workflow software recognizes that batching tasks is a great way to get more done. So we would like to let all our clients know about our really easy way to handle extensions inside of our workflow management tool.

Filtering to make filing tax extensions easy accounting workflow software for CPAs EAs
So using simple filters like project name and whether the project is completed or not you can quite easily get a full list of all the projects needing updates. Also these projects will appear in our warning state since they are coming up soon, and thus are yellow.

Simply hitting the select all button and choosing to change the due date will pop up a window that allows you to choose the new due date and also very important change your client messaging. Changing your client messaging is important because you can choose the new automated messages your client will receive from you, using effective messaging will make the coming months much easier.

Mass editing project due dates and updating communications with just a few clicks accounting workflow software for CPAs EAs

So it is really that easy to change your workflow due dates all at once and still update your communications so that your clients work to help you meet any updated deadlines.Using CPASquirrel can make many other tasks that accounting professionals deal with much easier, try our 14 day free trial and see for yourself.

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