Friendly Technology for Accountants

February 21, 2016
Regardless of the size of your firm, a new strategy plan for 2016 is critical to consider. With all of the advancements in technology and the changes in accounting it is time to consider more efficient ways to handle the mundane. Do a little exploring and get to know the new tool sets available to improve your life and your clients. For the big boys there have been mergers and new players to provide help. For the smaller players there are some tremendous time saving products available that will stun you with their capabilities.

Consider just two critical areas of an efficient firm, Technology and Processes. Both of these provide you with freedom; freedom to be with your family, freedom to collect more clients, freedom to just do whatever you want, be it work or play. Improving your client management and contact process is an area easily improved and at a price that cannot be ignored. And the nice thing about todays practice management software is that it can actually be friendly and take on your personality. It no longer needs to be that boring reminder software we remember from last year. There is so much technology available in 2016, a focus on efficiencies is both easy and inexpensive. It most likely will be the best investment you ever made. Try it and you’ll love the freedom!

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