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June 15, 2015
Many of our users have anxiety about getting started on the CPASquirrel practice management system, especially if they have previously been using some other solution. I completely understand this anxiety as we experience the same when reevaluating the services we subscribe to, so I assure you we make it extremely easy for our users to make the switch.

In order to switch to us, all we need is your client list. We do an import of your client list, usually from MS Excel or CSV format. This is done by us for you and is included in your subscription. We use this client information as a base, so that you can go through and assign projects to your clients, for this purpose we encourage you to use tags for grouping on each client so it makes it easy to look them up later on and use our mass assignment tools to get the job done even faster.

The CPASquirrel practice management system that is preloaded with many preloaded templates, both for follow up and for the actual tax projects themselves. Some CPAs and EAs use this out the box and others go through and customize these to their needs. One of the nice things about our template system is that you can easily customize them as you are doing the project assignment, which helps remove this extra step. Besides it really is better to use what we have preloaded for a short while so you get the feel for how things work and can then be more effective in setting up your own templates.

So in summary, send us your client list (with tags for grouping), we will import it. Now go out there and start assigning projects and doing the work that makes you more productive and valuable to your firm. If you run into any issues, give us a ring and we’ll gladly help you out.

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