Hurricane Erika - Preparedness for you accounting practice

August 27, 2015
Hurricane season runs from June 1 each year, and it’s a busy time for all. At CPASquirrel we are always keeping up with the latest natural disasters. Our clients rely on us to keep their data and their clients’ data safe. With this in mind our disaster recovery plan is quite simple – backups, location, power and internet service providers.

Accounting practice hurricane preparedness with CPASquirrel

Backups sound simple, but the reality is that if you don’t keep you backups offsite and test your backup media regularly you are looking at a disaster I your future. We take care of this by daily offsite backups and regularly scheduled recoveries.

Location is a huge item for areas that are prone to natural disasters, and being in the Tampa Bay area we tend to know that there is a 6 month gap where anything could happen. To mitigate this problem we keep our data in out of state data centers, currently in Lansing, Michigan. Nice and far from disaster and also located far away from our offsite backups. This data redundancy helps us enjoy peach of mind.

Power seems like such an arbitrary thing when it comes to staying online and servicing you clients. Most people don’t think about it until it is gone… and we support a lot of clients, so we cannot afford to experience a blip in the power supply. To avoid the blips we use battery powered uninterrupted power supply units to handle the immediate drop and diesel generators for the extended periods of helping us stay online.

Internet service provider (ISP) access is another item seldom thought about when thinking of backups. We have multiple redundant providers running into the data centers with further redundancy provided by connecting to two other local data centers, each with their own redundant ISP’s that we are able to tap into. Without this redundant ISP access, we would not be able to service client effectively or copy our client backup data offsite in a timely manner.

These pillars are at the core of preventing data loss for our clients and enabling maximum uptime. If you are a small accounting firm, there is no need to hire a consultant to sometimes keep your data safe, make CPASquirrel part of your data recovery and business continuity plan.

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