Minimizing miscommunication critical for efficient workflow

July 27, 2015
Workflow of client project work in an accounting practice can easily be disrupted and become painful. Simple things like communicating on the agreed upon schedule, taking efficient notes and using reminders that follow their client work around can make all the difference.

The simple communication skill of follow up is critical in maintaining a great workflow. So when you tell your client you will call them on a given day, call them. If the day got beyond you, call them or if it is inappropriately late, email them and let them know you have not forgotten and have them on your list to follow up with the next morning or whatever fits your schedule. Just remember to follow up, this one step goes a long way.

When you talk to your client, you should be taking notes. So when that phone rings or you call them, take notes and keep them in a place that is easy to get to on each contact. Most workflow and practice management tools provide space for you to do this easily and really the added step either during the call or immediately after will save much more time in the future.

Workflow software notes - Zoomed

Reminders and notes are often confused. In this context reminders are important pieces of information the accounting professional dealing with their client work must remember prior to doing any project work. So if your client requires any special handling instructions, keep a reminder so that nobody will make a mistake on some significant tiny detail.

Accounting Workflow software reminders dialog

You are busy and you are working with many different clients or varying complexity and importance to your accounting firm. Leverage the tools available to keep track of your clients as best you can so that each client feels extremely important to you. Building a referral base will depend on your accounting firm’s application of consistency, effective communication skills and follow through on promises made in order to earn future word of mouth endorsements.

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