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April 12, 2015
Provided by Client (PBC), is one of the hardest things the CPA has to deal with. It has been said before that the job is the easy part and the people are the hard part. This rule applies to much of accounting profession.

Much like we need to work alongside people who are pleasant and efficient to work with, we also need to deal with clients who are great to work with. There is a rule that all accountants should use when choosing clients and co-workers, it is the no nasties rule. It has been mentioned many times before and will continue to be brought up until we actually do something about it.

PBCs can cause us to have the impression that some of our clients fall into this category. Well this isn’t necessarily so, people are busy and stress runs high for many of us during this testing collection of PBCs period.

Coworkers and PBCs don’t always mix well either. The staff person responsible for collecting the PBCs from the client can feel much stress from both the client and their manager as they do the PBC collection dance. Their manager getting more and more annoyed as the items aren’t collected and the client not understanding the importance and timeliness of the information being collected. This really is a hard dance to do well. Having a system to get PBCs under control is essential in avoiding getting the feeling of wanting to fire your clients.

CPASquirrel is a system that exists to collect PBCs from clients. We assume the role of collector and are focused on making staff turnover lower and maintaining friendly relations with clients.

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