Recurring Tax Projects for Client Work in your Practice Management Software

August 7, 2015
Sometimes it feels like your tax projects never stop. As you finish one, you are literally just prepping to get started on the next. Accounting Practice Management can get tricky as all these projects keep coming up. Having staff know what to do and when is critical for your success in the eyes of you client.

Repeat Client Work - Stage Open Workflow - CPASquirrel

This is best achieved with a process that makes it obvious what happens next. When tracking tasks, CPASquirrel will keeps track of the overall status of the tax project moving it from being open all the way to completion. Once the project is completed the options for recurrence show within the accounting practice management software.

Repeat Client Work - Stage Completed Workflow- CPASquirrel

Given the ease of the repeat project button, the system has now learnt the requirements for this client and so the new project can be created quite easily and begin the data collection process once again, making provided by client items easily and automatically collected once again. Leaving the accounting practice able to focus on billable work.

Repeat Client Work - Animation Workflow - CPASquirrel

In making it easier, navigation is provided allowing the accounting practice to move from one tax project to the next with ease, saving more time than having to look up the project again or have any kind of difficulty getting around.

Repeat Client Work - Completed - CPASquirrel

Be productive, save time and run your accounting practice with ease. Partner with us to by signing up for a free trial of CPASquirrel and we will help you complete your tax projects more easily, efficiently and with more control.

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