Software for Accountants can be intuitive

July 16, 2015
We put great emphasis on user interviews and focus heavily on conversations with existing and prospective clients of ours. We are grateful to our clients for opening up time in their schedule to chat to us and discuss their current usage and their future needs. I promise we won’t expect it in the busy season and appreciate the feedback we receive at all times.

I particularly enjoy the long debates about how workflow should be configured within the system. Does the project get a completed date if it isn’t complete? How is the project stage affected by changes of the milestones? Would it be logical to send out communication messages in this situation? These little details are important and we obsess over each one to make the system great out the box and require as little setup time as possible.

Everybody is under the impression that adopting a new software system is painful and takes a whole lot of time. We don’t think that this needs to be the case. Why should this be the case? Traditionally adopting software has taken:

  • Either downloading / installing software from CD/DVD or heaven forbid floppy disks
  • Having to install it on a server – wait better call IT
  • Training Time
  • That awkward 2 month period where your boss thinks you are using the software but really you aren’t because dealing with the old system is easier than learning the new one
  • Forced user adoption

Where our software has moved to is a different place. There is no IT, no download, no necessary training time, adoption is easy because the system looks so different to the software that has traditionally been used and no floppy disks! Our software is delivered online in the web browser within seconds of you signing up has an extremely intuitive interface and requires mostly none but sometimes a little training.

So if you want to try our our software and see if it is a good fit for you, simple signup for a free trial and please remember to leave us some feedback, we are always here to chat.

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