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March 2, 2015
CPASquirrel is here because we have listened to accountants. Accountants need to be heard, what do you as an accountant really need? There are multiple options for any accounting firm to become more effective and efficient. The reality is that accountants need help with one of the most core functions in their business, something that could easily have been discovered by the old existing software firms, had they simply listened to their clients. This problem has been in around for so long and nobody is addressing it correctly.

Data gathering the process of getting client data so you can simply file taxes is ignored by so many and yet performed by most accountants. Accountants need to be freed from the time and pain of breaking up their productivity to make calls and write emails. So much billable time is lost with no real reprieve.

Automated data gathering is the answer. CPASquirrel specializes in automated data gathering performing all the followup tasks allowing you to be productive without needing STOP what you are doing DROP everything and deal with your clients data gathering.

We listen to accountants and serve them and them alone. If you want to talk to us and give us feedback, please email We would love to hear from you.

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