Start your 2016 Accounting Practice Workflow the right way

December 29, 2015
The beginning of any tax season for an accounting practice involves taking the first step for many in their workflow. That is sending out engagement letters for the coming year’s 1040, 1120 and other tax projects.

CPASquirrel sends out your customized engagement letters automatically and provides a means for getting the letters back in a timely manner. This allows the accounting practice to plan their upcoming tax season more effectively.

Planning can help predict workload for the coming year and also remind the client that you are preparing their tax forms for them. Engaging correctly with your client is critical as a well executed engagement letter provides protection against malpractice while also setting expectations as to which provided by client (PBC) items are required in order to complete their tax project.

Our clients use CPASquirrel’s workflow solution to help send your engagement letters to kick start the upcoming year’s tax season helping you and your clients be prepared and have a successful tax season.

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