Take the CPA out of Data Gathering

March 24, 2015
CPAs have an important role to play in their business and this week at the end of March is filled with accountants circling back and spending much of their time chasing after clients.

1040 Filing: April 15 2015 is yet another day in amongst over 43 yearly deadlines that require accountants to stop doing productive work and valuable consultative work with the express reason to make sure their clients are fully prepared for their 1040 filing.

Client Information: Much client information needs to be gathered by the accountant in order to file basic tax forms. Collecting W2s, 1099s, gains and loss reports, K1s and charitable contributions are all tedious tasks that you need to do as an accountant. This is a delicate balancing act that requires you to not become a nag, but still get all of these required pieces of client information. Sometimes collecting this information is not a great fit with the skillset of certain professionals. This can lead to upset clients or even client loss.

Automated followup: CPASquirrel has an automated followup engine that knows what the accountant needs and when they need it. Using this automated followup, allows your CPA firm to take th CPA out of data gathering, protecting client satisfaction by reaching out to the client in a way that they need to be reached and collecting the information necessary for tax filing, without nagging and becoming a source of frustration for the client.

CPASquirrel is a business tool that helps take CPAs out of painful and low value tasks like data gathering and rather lets them be productive and increase their billable percentages by removing tasks and interruptions from their day.

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