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July 8, 2015
Taking a tax project from start to completion using workflow is a relatively easy task if everyone knows what is expected of them. This is often complicated because people both within and outside of the accounting practice need come together to complete a given project. This is further complicated because everyone needs to have permission to do a given task or provide a document or perform some other action.

With many systems there is a complicated method in place to get users into the system. This is especially complicated if the user is a client user and thus not from inside the organization. Making this process of onboarding simple and then providing just enough control to help the internal users achieve their goals is critical for the success of any workflow solution.

Getting users involved is as simple as knowing their email address. As you can see from the screenshot below, you simply add their email address and the onboarding workflow starts out and gets the user engaged with the system.

Inviting users to use your accounting practice portal

Internal users as just as easy, and requires very little effort on the part of the accounting firm.

Internal Company users in CPA Accounting Practice Management Tool

Once users are all connected, the assigned projects and flows are available to them. Enabling communication, document collection, prepared form dissemination and a host of other features. Basically, if makes your firm look good as you are able to complete your work faster with the help of your clients and give them an unrivalled experience getting their requested and completed work back from your firm.

We pride ourselves in making accountants look good while completing client work and are always available to help. Give us a ring or drop us an email we are here to help accounting firms be successful.

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