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17% Savings

  • Accounting Practice Management
  • Secure File Sharing
  • Full Support
  • Up to {{GetUptoValue(TotalClients)}} Clients
  • Unlimited Reminders
  • 2GB Storage/User
  • 24/7 Web Portal
  • Email Integration
  • 100% Guaranteed

$ {{OnePrice.BillingAmountMonthly}}.00 /month
${{OnePrice.BillingAmountMonthly * 1.2}}.00

  • Practice Management
  • Secure File Sharing
  • Full Support
  • {{OnePrice.Clients}} Clients
  • Unlimited Reminders
  • Unlimited Storage
  • 24/7 Web Portal
  • Email Integration
  • 100% Guaranteed

Add more clients to any of the above {{PriceType.toLowerCase()}} accounts ${{OnePrice.BillingAmountMonthly}} for {{OnePrice.Clients}} additional clients.

Included With every account

Concierge Account Onboarding

Our experts will help setup your account with you so you have a great experience. When you have signed up, we'll give you a call and make sure everything goes smoothly.

Transparent Pricing

There are no setup fees, no long-term contracts, and no extra fees for call time, messages sent, additional clients or data storage.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not thrilled with our service, we do not want your money. We will refund any payment made within the last thirty days if you are unsatisfied for any reason.

Common Questions

Does CPASquirrel ever give my clients tax advice?

CPASquirrel will never ever give your clients any tax advice or contact your clients. They are YOUR clients and YOU are the tax professional.

What countries can I use CPASquirrel in?

CPASquirrel can be used in any country. However it comes configured for use in the USA.

How do I know which clients and tax projects need my attention?

You have a dashboard that will let you know when clients have delivered documents to you in addition to a neatly color coded tax goal page which will let you know if anything is about to become overdue or is overdue.

How are additional clients billed?

We are human, but mostly we aren't the telephone company and we understand you may go a little over (congratulations on your success BTW!), if that continues, we'll give you a call to discuss upgrade options. Additional clients are charged at our add-on rate depending on whether you are a yearly or monthly subscriber.

How are additional users billed?

If the number of active users at your company changes. We will adjust the billing amount based on the number of users on the first day of the month for each upcoming month.

Can we customize the messages?

Yes, in short you can. They can be customized for everyone or even just for one of your clients. Only thing is - you need to change it before it gets sent :).

What systems do you integrate with?

We can get your client data into the system from any CSV file or Excel file export from your existing systems. All current accounting systems allow an export for this - so no worries.

What happens if my payment doesn't go through or some other administrative issue?

CPASquirrel will never cut off access or use of our communication platform on a whim. If there is a problem we will talk to you first and resolve the issue. You are not a number to us.

What keeps CPASquirrel safe for our important clients and documents?

We’re very committed to the security of your clients and the information they share with us. We use bank-grade encryption between your computer and our servers. If you are worried about this, please feel free to give us a call / email - we're here to help.

Proudly Made in the USA

CPASquirrel designs, develops and supports its products in the United States of America.
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